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Modbus Master ActiveX Control for Pocket PC and Windows

Thank you for your interest in my Modbus Master ActiveX control for Windows and Pocket PC development.

Using the Modbus Master control, you can easily read and write data from any Modbus Device using either the Modbus serial or TCP/IP protocols.

The ActiveX control can be used with VB or VC for desktop development and eVB or eVC for Pocket PC development.

This allows you to easily create your own simple HMI applications and is ideal for remote interrogation of PLC's using a PDA and serial cable or wireless link.

The ActiveX control comes in three versions. One for desktop development, one for the Pocket PC SDK emulator and another for your Pocket PC device. Please note that the Pocket PC version of the control will only work on ARM compatible devices. The control works with both Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 devices.

The control will allow you to interrogate upto 20 devices at once with upto 100 poll blocks for data gathering. The control works in both ASCII and RTU modes with both serial and ethernet connection settings easily configurable.

Changes in remote data is event driven in your application so you do not need to constantly poll for data, you will be informed when any data within one of your poll blocks has changed.

Data can be read and written in any one of 7 different formats which are :

  • Bit
  • Word
  • Unsigned Word
  • Long
  • LongSwap
  • Float
  • FloatSwap

The software supports the following Modbus Functions :

  • 01 - Read Coils
  • 02 - Read Discrete Inputs
  • 03 - Read Holding Registers
  • 04 - Read Input Registers
  • 05 - Write Single Coil
  • 06 - Write Single Register
  • 16 - Write Multiple Registers

Full diagnostic traces are also available via the EventLog.

You can download an evaluation copy of the control by clicking here.

You can see some sample applications developed using the control here.

The cost of a single user development license for the ActiveX control is 50 which would allow for unlimited run-time usage. If you require the source code for the ActiveX control to tailor for your own application, this is available at a cost of 250.

If you wish to purchase a license or the source code, you can make a secure debit or credit card payment by clicking the Buy Now button below. I will return the necessary license file upon confirmation of payment which will usually be within 24 hours. Please advise the user name or company name for the license when making the payment.

Click here to buy a single user development license for only 50

Click here to buy the source code for only 250

If you own unique requirements are not covered by the software or you wish to discuss the options further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Revision History
Date Version Changes
09/04/05 1.02 Fixed Compatibility Issue With Win 9x/ME
24/11/04 1.01 Added Reset Method
13/12/03 1.00 Initial Release

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