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Modbus Master for the Pocket PC

Ver 1.06




The Modbus Master program allows you to communicate with one or more Modbus devices connected to the serial port or ethernet network port of your Pocket PC. With a suitable RS232 to RS422/485 converter, you can configure the program to communicate with up to 10 devices at the same time if you are using a multidrop connection. If you are using the network connection, you can communicate with a single modbus device or if you are connecting through an ethernet bridge to your modbus devices, you can communicate with up to 10 devices at the same time.

You can also configure up to 10 data blocks to show the data polled from each device. The individual data blocks are shown in a grid format on screen and can display up to 64 words of information at a time. You can easily scroll backwards and forwards through the memory map of the Modbus device to show more data as required.

The data can be shown in a variety of formats including :

  • Hex
  • Decimal
  • Binary
  • Unsigned Short
  • Signed Short
  • Unsigned Long
  • Signed Long
  • Float

Double words formats can also be shown in High/Low or Low/High word format.

If the data block allows writes, you can simply click on a cell in the grid and modify the data value shown. This new value will then be written down to the Modbus device.

A protocol trace screen is also available to show the raw data being sent and received from the Modbus devices. This trace can also be sent to a file if required.

You can also capture the poll data to a CSV file for later analysis using a program such as Excel.

You can download a free trial copy of the program by clicking here.

If you wish to purchase a registration code for the program and you have a debit or credit card, please click the Buy Now button below to enter The ModSoft Software Store and make your secure purchase.

Please quote the quantity and the Device Names of the Pocket PC's you require the software for. I will return your registration codes upon confirmation of payment which will usually be within 24 hours. (You can find the Device Name at Start > Settings > System > About > Device ID and it is the contents of the Device Name field - please make sure you type it correctly, including the case !)

Click here to buy Modbus Master for only 12.49 per Pocket PC

or click here to buy both Modbus Master and Modbus Slave for only 19.99 per Pocket PC !

Revision History
Date Version Changes
19/03/05 1.06 Added ability to log poll data to a CSV file
01/03/05 1.05 Updated contact details with addresses
12/12/03 1.04 Added ethernet network support
19/11/03 1.03 Minor buffer overflow bug fix
09/07/03 1.02 Uses Owner Name or Device ID for registration code
09/05/03 1.01 Made COM port configurable from COM1 to COM9
28/01/03 1.00 Initial Release

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