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Sample Code using the Pocket PC Modbus Master ActiveX Control

To help demonstrate the facilities of the ActiveX control, I will be making available several sample programs.

The first can be seen in the screenshots above and is a very simple front-end which can be used as the basis of your projects.

The screen shows the status of 8 digital inputs, has clickable buttons to set 8 digital outputs, shows the values of 4 analogue inputs and you can set the value of 4 analogue outputs.

The program is written in eVB Ver 3.00 and has been tested on both Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 devices.

Please Note : You will need a licensed copy of the ActiveX control to modify the program but a run-time version is supplied with the source distribution so you can install and run the application on your Pocket PC device.

Pocket PC 2003 users will also need to install the eVB Runtime Files on their device.

The sample is still being developed but you can download the latest source code and installation files here.

If you have any ideas for further sample programs, please let me know.

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